Our Markets

We work with clients to ensure their infrastructure and urban renewal projects align environmental and social responsibilities with commercial and economic realities to build sustainable places for modern communities.

Our value proposition:

  • Being open, flexible and client-focused
  • Understanding client priorities
  • Understanding the wider aspects of sustainable development
  • Helping to reconcile different stakeholder interests
  • Working on high profile schemes – and delivering results


Well planned infrastructure is an asset to cities and communities, driving investment, jobs and economic growth. It acts as a catalyst for development and improves the productivity and wellbeing of its users if it is designed and developed to be fit for purpose, while at the same time enabling environmental and economic performance. We work with major infrastructure clients to assess the competing demands, manage impacts, improve resilience and capture value at all stages of a scheme, from planning (e.g. route selection) and design (e.g. impact avoidance and mitigation) to construction, operation and asset renewal. We can help to shape core objectives, encourage innovation and ensuring connections with stakeholder priorities.

Urban Renewal

Rapidly changing cities require ambitious, innovative solutions to land use and housing. We aim to develop strong partnerships with our clients, to understand their business objectives and to deliver a significant return on investment whilst shaping community and environmental improvements, from early stage site identification and appraisal through to construction and project delivery. This approach is supported by flexible, experienced and client-focused Temple teams who bring a shared perspective and understanding, drawing on our work in both the public and private sectors. Above all, we aim to work alongside developer clients, helping them to adapt proposals where necessary, solve problems and liaise effectively with different stakeholder groups.

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